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Subletting available

I’m looking to expand my clinic’s operations with another therapist! If you are self-employed, available to work part-time and interested in collaborating, please email me at with a short background on yourself and to avail of further information.


The following workshops are on the horizon and I can’t wait to run them. They will be 60-90 minute group sessions held in the clinic on evenings or weekends, part theory and part practical.

  • Back Health: understanding where it comes from, how to manage it and working to a new level of confidence to live life to the full
  • TOP Training: an overview of my training system and how to implement one of my 6 week programmes (included with the workshop)
  • TOP Training: a field sport focused session around speed and agility where the end goal is to empower you with your own individualised programme to work on any deficits discovered
  • Recovery and Wellness: understanding how to maximise regeneration from physical activity; how to balance your parasympathetic and sympathetic systems to get out of a cycle of pain.

Armoured 2.0

I’ve just completely upgraded the arm care program I wrote a couple of years ago. Having had a host of more shoulder clients through my doors, my confidence in the key skills required for excellent shoulder health is much higher. It’s all incorporated into a 6 week program delivered through the app RYPT. You’ll get videos with every exercise and can track your progress by recording your notes for every session. In it you’ll get exercises for:

  • Overhead mobility – often the biggest deficit and issue for pain
  • Reactive core stability
  • Connecting the hand, elbow and shoulder in coordinated tasks
  • Open chain shoulder stability via a variety of carries and lifts
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