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New Programmes Coming in 2024


I’ve run two athletic development workshops this year and been really pleased with their uptake and interest. Next to come is the development of a back pain workshop.

  • Back Health: understanding where it comes from, how to manage it and working to a new level of confidence to live life to the full – COMING IN January 2024!
  • TOP Training: a field sport focused session around speed and agility where the end goal is to empower you with your own individualised programme to work on any deficits discovered – COMPLETE
  • Recovery and Wellness: understanding how to maximise regeneration from physical activity; how to balance your parasympathetic and sympathetic systems to get out of a cycle of pain. – COMING IN 2024

2023 Off Season Plans for Athletes

Every year I develop an off-season plan with new ideas and new formats. This year it comprises of 3 phases for a total of 12 weeks. You can read more about these plans and how to purchase them by clicking on the button below.

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