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TOP S&C Training

There are 4 options for TOP Training:

  1. Apply for monthly online training (details below) as an individual or a team (contact me for team payments).
  2. Purchase one of the programmes listed here and have it delivered immediately to you through an app called RYPT.
  3. Apply for individual membership; further details can be seen here – spaces are limited.
  4. Book in for a personal training session here.

Monthly Subscription €20/month

This option gives you access to the TOP private group which will include:

  • Weekly recorded classes; either a straightforward workout or going into more detail for particular exercises. Workouts are easily accessed through the website via the member’s portal. And coming soon: a ‘correctives’ section to help with injury, pain and immobility.
  • Remote coaching advice – even if you’re not following my plan! Maybe you’re happy with your current training regime but would like a professional voice here and there along the way, feedback about your lifts, advice if you get injured, etc. Being part of this group gives you easy access to me for such advice and quality physical health tips along the way.
  • Weekly health and fitness tips coming in the form of Slack posts, videos and as content in your folder on the RYPT app where applicable.
  • Monthly movement challenges to open up those joints, improve posture and simply feel better.
  • 24 hour health challenges to see can you gain more energy, recover faster and improve mental focus.

Why Choose TOP?

It’s my mission to deliver plans that are safe and effective for clients. Working up a sweat can be extremely easy (‘do 20 burpees right now’) but achieving this through pain-free sustainable programming takes a little more thought.

I also don’t want you to simply do exercise to burn calories: I want you to benefit enormously by feeling stronger, moving better, removing old aches, improving bone density, increasing confidence and more.

‘Have worked with Fiona for the last 15 months and she has transformed my exercise and diet habits. I have found Fiona to be very helpful and a great listener, which is an essential skill to have in her line of work. I would have zero issues in recommending Fiona to anyone who would need her services.

Glyn O’Leary

Fiona Mernagh is an excellent physiotherapist and personal trainer who I’d recommend for injury treatment, injury prevention and athletic training.’

Ciaran Costello

‘Excellent service in both physio and strength and conditioning work. Extremely thorough assessments for injuries and was able to get me back playing in a couple of weeks after a painful injury. Aine Harte

‘I have been working with Fiona for a number of years now and I could not recommend her highly enough.

Fiona tailored every plan to suit my needs. She listened and adapted basedon my circumstances. Having moved consistently and with varying access to equipment Fiona has always been able to make training work for me, regardless of my situation. Her wealth of knowledge in providing individual workouts, recovery, and injury rehab has helped me become a well-rounded athlete. I had many injuries before training with Fiona. She has not only helped recover from previous injuries but has also helped prevent injuries from occurring.

Working with Fiona has brought my athletic ability to a level I did not know I had. She challenged me using specific training methods for Ultimate Frisbee. Her programmes trained my body not only to be able to cope with the demands of a high performance Ultimate season but also to excel at it.

Working with Fiona was the best and most important step in my athletic career.’ Sarah Melvin, Irish Ultimate Euros Gold Medalist and Eurostar

”Fiona understands the demands of Ultimate and the strength and stability requirements. I improved speed and resilience throughout the last three seasons, with no major injuries, while living in Canada. Fiona was extremely adaptable and responsive in being able to change plans to accommodate me or my situation, like when I had a light ankle sprain after a tournament weekend I was back in the gym on Tuesday with a modified plan or changing a program when COVID had restricted access to gyms. Fiona provides a gym and running plan that is challenging, varied and really fun. Most importantly, I felt that I improved as an athlete and as an ultimate player with her guidance.” Robbie Brennan, Furious George Ultimate Player

”Fiona’s programmes are fun, challenging, and made me feel more prepared as an athlete than many others I’ve tried. She is adept at tailoring programmes to suit specific sports and personal needs, and keeps the work engaging. On top of this, Fiona is always willing to offer advice and feedback, and is committed to improving her clients’ athleticism and mechanics. Even through lockdown she offered excellent support and critique. As a physical therapist she is thorough and attentive, checking in with progress regularly. I would highly recommend investing in training programmes and/or physical therapy at TOP.” Sinéad O’Shiel Fleming, Irish Women’s Gold Medalist Euros 2019 in Ultimate Frisbee