Strength and Conditioning Services

Membership options for strength and conditioning plans including physical therapy:

Membership Type

Price per month

S&C Plan

Weekly Gym Sessions at TOP















1 (total 4)





2 (total 8)


*Consultations can be used for physical therapy, sports massage, personal training or discussions about your athletic development.

Members get preferential treatment via hours designated to them and strength and conditioning plans more specific to their activity levels. Training sessions can take between 60-90 minutes and may include conditioning sessions outdoors. This plan is also designed to give you injury prevention and rehabilitation sessions to make sure you make it through your seasons with minimal time missed. Extra sessions outside the plan are charged at just €30 for members.

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Team Workshops

A 1 hour workshop on how to prepare for your sport to avoid the common injuries and enhance performance. Contact Fiona on 083 1849894 or to find out more.

4 week Introductory Strength Programme for you and/or your Team

4 x 1 hour weekly sessions for you and your teammates* to get coached through the best lifts for your athletic goals. Contact Fiona on 083 1849894 or to find out more.

3 Session Individual Package

Need something catered specifically for you? This is particularly useful for people who struggle to stay injury free or those looking to get the edge over their competition.

Session 1 includes a comprehensive assessment to identify potential injury risks, asymmetries and/or power leaks. Sessions 2 & 3 will show you the best ways to tackle these issues in the gym for self care. Contact Fiona on 083 1849894 or to find out more or book your first session here.

‘Have worked with Fiona for the last 15 months and she has transformed my exercise and diet habits. I have found Fiona to be very helpful and a great listener, which is an essential skill to have in her line of work. I would have zero issues in recommending Fiona to anyone who would need her services.’ Glyn

‘Excellent service in both physio and strength and conditioning work. Extremely thorough assessments for injuries and was able to get me back playing in a couple of weeks after a painful injury.’ Aine