TOP Strength and Conditioning Training

Strength and conditioning for sport should defer to the sport and work around it. This means when your sporting demands are high, your S&C demands should be low and vice versa. Your S&C should always complement your sport, work to balance your body and reflect your goals.

For those who are really serious about being elite in their sport, you can benefit a lot by adopting S&C training all year long. For those who do not wish that but still want some of the benefits, I recommend a really strong off season of 8-12 weeks as a very good basic range and then you can focus on your sport for the rest of the year as your specific training. Even 4-6 solid weeks can add a lot of benefits that can’t be found at any other time of the year.

I’ve divided up my full 12 week off season plan into 4 week blocks so you can pick the right length for you or go for the full whack and buy the 12 weeks in one go! All of these programmes will require a decent level of equipment so a gym membership is recommended. However, several athletes have adapted my plans over the years for home use too. If you feel out of your depth here, I recommend booking in a consultation with myself or another trainer to get a quick overview of the main lifts and how to navigate a gym setting.

All programmes can be done by people of various experience levels. Beginners will simply lift less or choose easier variations to begin with. The app and videos will give alternative lifts in many cases but I am also on hand for any coaching instruction and advice throughout the programme you purchase.

The recommended order for this season’s programmes are:

  • 2023 Off Season (12 weeks)
  • Speed-Strength (6 Weeks)
  • Pre-Season (8 Weeks)
  • In-Season (16 weeks)

Don’t fancy doing the running? Only want to do the running? Those are also options!

After you’ve done a great off-season, you can then move on to more specialised plans – these will start becoming available from the 1st of Jan 2024!

For even more options, you can check out this page.