‘Fiona is such an amazing trainer, her attention to your form and personalised needs is so good. Hard to find trainers as good as her, I would highly recommend her to anyone.’ Sarah Fitzpatrick

Therapy for Optimal Performance is for those looking to improve their ability to perform day in, day out. Your performance is unique; whether it’s to be the best athlete, become pain free or stay fit well into old age, TOP can develop the right plan for you.

I specialise in strength and conditioning and rehabilitation. As an international athlete with experience in world renowned gym Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, I have an avid interest in helping other athletes have long and fruitful careers. This includes injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance improvements.

I also have a keen interest in encouraging people of all ages to stay active and not let pain or age be a barrier to movement and progress.

I care for chronic or acute pain and injury, providing complete rehabilitation, including pre and post-operative care.

I believe I have the tools to help anyone make it to the TOP of their goals.

Fiona Mernagh

Physical Therapist (Ph Th)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)


‘In an attempt to rid myself of several niggling injuries I’ve experienced over the last year or so I decided to pay Fiona a visit. In just three sessions we looked into the root of the problem, worked on it and made out a personalised gym plan to keep me going over the foreseeable future.

Would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a dedicated trainer who puts the extra time in for their clients!’ Aidan Kelly

‘I went to see Fiona as my back was a bit sore after having my first baby. Her massage was excellent and her suggestions of exercises to help were spot on. I then joined a class with other new mammies and I loved going every week. Fiona knows her stuff so well and is excellent at correcting your form.

The classes she prepared were always well thought through, which pushed us, but at a pace that was manageable. She is very thoughtful and always goes above and beyond to make sure every person gets the most out of the session – changing exercises to suit some people or suggesting additional exercises to help.

I will miss going every Monday morning, but I’m so much stronger now than I was. I thought it would be mostly core work, but i loved doing the weights. The car seat doesn’t seem as heavy anymore! I would recommend Fiona to anyone as you get such personalised feedback and attention.’ Cliodhna Eilis