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TOP Tip: A Thorough Assessment Doesn’t I

TOP Tip: A Thorough Assessment Doesn’t Involve Lying Down

One thing that you can be sure of when you get treated by a Physio or similar is that a practitioner can only learn so much by testing you on the bed. Unless your symptoms are very acute or present while just sitting there, the likelihood of figuring out your movement compensations is null unless […]

Your Pain is Real – But Is Your Interpre

Your Pain is Real – But Is Your Interpretation Correct?

You can’t really tell accurately what’s going on underneath the surface based on how you feel. Your pain experience may make you feel a lot weaker or injured than your body actually is. Pain science is the subject of understanding that the amount of tissue damage alone does not correlate strongly with the amount of […]

The Key To Successful Rehabilitation

Most people understand that in order to recover from an injury well, they need to train their muscles to get strong. They understand that adding resistance to their movements, such as by carrying a dummbell while performing the movement, will increase the level of difficulty and cause the muscle to undergo a series of reactions* […]