Rehabilitation Step by Step Process

Here at TOP I strive to help athletes and the general population to achieve their health and fitness goals. I love helping people get stronger, faster and injury free so they can reach their maximum potential! I also help non-athletes to return to their desired activities pain-free. تعلم بوكر

The client’s goal can be as simple as banishing foot pain so they can return to walking or as complex as dealing with the aftermath of an invasive knee operation so one can return to high level sport.

Either way, my system aims to bring you to a level that makes you stronger than what you need to be in order to prevent re-injury.  Here is a simple breakdown of the step by step process. An athlete needs to follow all steps but a general population client needs to only make it to Step 4 or 5 depending on their goals.

Step 1

Achieve full range of motion.


Physical Therapy hands on treatment and mobility exercises.

Step 2

Achieve the ability to transmit forces in all directions through the whole limb using isometric (low level) contractions.


During your physical therapy sessions I will identify your weak points. Combining hands on therapy with daily exercises you can do, these forces can be restored very quickly.

Step 3

Load the muscle groups dynamically and see how they handle a greater load in multiple directions.


Using a lunging sequence for the lower body and an all fours progression model for the upper body, you’ll go through a series of 3 dimensional exercises to ensure you can control your body’s movement with confidence.

Step 4

Add in more complex movements, resistance training and low level bounding.


Moving from focusing on just one joint, we can start to perform multi-joint exercises such as split squats and push-ups. Adding in weight or resistance bands is appropriate for all ages and makes you stronger faster. روليت Bounding is jumping from one leg to the other, which is a really great way to build up coordination and balance.

Step 5

Progress to hopping sequences in multiple directions, showing consistent control and ability to land with stability.


We work in the gym to maintain and build your body’s ability to produce and accept forces on one leg or one arm. You perform exercises at home to continue progress. We continue resistance training to build full body strength and coordination.

Step 6

Return to running following a graded exposure to higher paces.


Follow a sensible plan that progresses your running (or cycling, swimming, etc.) pace daily over the course of a week. Cardiovascular fitness is maintained in other ways until this phase (e.g. bike work or swimming).

Step 7

Full sports specific skills tested, including contact.


Depending on the activities you are looking to return to, we need to make sure your body is ready for the unpredictable, e. bwin شركة g. sudden changes of direction chasing another player or a ball. We aim for you to feel confident moving in all directions and reacting to stimuli and that you’re avoiding any compensatory patterns. If you play a contact sport, we build up your confidence to take a hit and stay standing!

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