Beginner’s Exercise Class

This class is to help those who are nervous of strength exercises and/or can’t find anything that is low intensity enough to ease them in.

This is targeted towards those who feel weak and underactive and the elderly, though anyone can benefit from the simple moves involved.

In using the word simple it doesn’t mean it will all feel easy right away! Participants should not feel disappointed if they can’t do everything perfectly to begin with. With regular practice, each exercise should improve over time. If you plateau and feel stuck, you simply need a different exercise to bridge the gap. I or another trainer would be able to help you so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Make sure you are medically cleared for this kind of unsupervised exercise. Do not push through pain.

Exercise modifications:

  • For the exercises reaching overhead, if you have shoulder issues that limit your ability to do this then you can swap it for reaching straight in front of you instead.
  • If you have knee pain during the sit to stand you can try increasing the height of the chair, eg by using a barstool or sitting back onto a table instead. You can also try keeping your shins vertical and making sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground throughout (keep weight through the heel and not just the toes).