Injury Screen and Performance Analysis

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Take this session (or one part only) to find out:

Your Injury Risk Profile

  1. Your body’s ability to transmit forces both in your upper and lower body.
  2. Your range of motion from head to toe, checking not just individual joint actions but multi joint movements too.
  3. Your functional capacity for athletic movements and gym performance using elements of the Functional Movement Screen and gait, jump and running analysis.

The goal is to spot things early to prevent an issue cropping up later and to identify how to manage any sources of pain now.

Example Performance Parameters Measured (changed on a case by case basis):

  1. Max vertical jump and reach
  2. Max hopping power
  3. 10m sprint speed
  4. Lower body strength test
  5. Upper body strength test
  6. Endurance test (based on your sport/activity) – this may be performed outdoors

The goal is to give you markers for measuring your performance so you know where your starting point is, any weaknesses you may have and receive advice on what you could work on to see benefits in your sport or activity of choice.

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I went in to see Fiona for an injury prevention screening and could not have been happier with it! It was a 90 minute session that included an endurance test, performance analysis, technique analysis and more. I found the session was extremely thorough and in-depth and Fiona was great at explaining what she was observing and what it meant. A few days after the session, I received a multi-page report on her findings and ways to improve certain weaker spots so as not to exacerbate the issues found. All in all, would 100% recommend Fiona to any athlete or persons interested in keeping their full body healthy! Will happily make the trip from Galway again!‘ Zoe Langsdale