Don’t worry if you’re stuck at home with zero equipment – I’ve got you covered with this 4 week home routine.

Home Plan

The base level is 3 days of approximately 30 minute sessions. You can alter it based on your situation however:

  • Add weights if you have them.
  • Turn it into 6 days per week by repeating the 3 days in the second half of the week.
  • Like longer sessions? Simply add a set and take note of it via the so you can keep track of your own personal loads.
  • Extend it out by several weeks by working harder at the quality of your movements before progressing onto harder versions.
  • All for just €35. Buy now to maximise the benefits!

9 WEEK S&C PLAN – €80

Level 2 Training

3 phases, 3 weeks long each (or convert to 4 weeks each to suit a longer pre-season).

2 sessions in the gym each week along with 1 based around speed and agility (decent space required to allow for sprints of up to 40m in length and various patterns).

Access to the private Facebook group for 12 weeks from date of purchase.

Delivered through the RYPT app:

12 Week General Preparation Programme – €90

Level 1 Training

Best suited to your off-season.

How does it work?

  1. It’s a 12 week programme but I recommend you plan it over 16 weeks for any unexpected events.
  2. There are 3 days per week, roughly an hour per session. Each phase lasts 3 weeks and builds on the last. Skipping or rushing through defeats the purpose.
  3. This is a strength programme. There is some short conditioning at the end of each session but this is not enough to really cover all needs in an off-season. I will however be providing separate conditioning plans later this year.
  4. Access to a gym or very good home equipment is strongly recommended for the best results.
  5. You’ll be invited to a Facebook group (leave any time) in which there’ll be weekly tips, lifestyle challenges and opportunities for Q&A as you go through the programme. You are also free to post as much as you like about your progress to help keep yourself focused and to get some nice feedback.
  6. You’ll need the RYPT app: downloaded to your phone. This is the only way the programme is delivered. Through it you can track all your progress and see videos for each exercise for correct technique and guidance.
  7. €90 one time fee.


This is designed for the following kind of people in mind:

  1. A novice lifter.
  2. Post-partum women looking to get back into shape in a safe manner.
  3. Those who have undergone surgery and need to get back being active slowly and progressively.
  4. Young lifters.
  5. Chronic pain sufferers, when managed with their healthcare providers.

It is designed to be carried out at home to keep things simple and only a resistance band is strictly needed (though some weights are an advantage).


12 weeks of running.

  • It begins with easing you into slow, short distance runs and higher paced tempo runs.
  • You’ll be directed in how to improve your running technique with simple cues along the way.
  • You’ll work on field movements – sprinting, change of direction and deceleration primarily – to prevent injury and improve performance.
  • You’ll be part of the Facebook TOP group for 12 weeks from when you purchase the programme. Here you’ll be able to ask questions, look for running buddies and post up your wins along the way.

Online Training

Why Choose TOP?

It’s my mission to deliver plans that are safe and effective for clients. Working up a sweat can be extremely easy (‘do 20 burpees right now’) but achieving this through pain-free sustainable programming takes a little more thought.

I also don’t want you to simply do exercise to burn calories: I want you to benefit enormously by feeling stronger, moving better, removing old aches, improving bone density, increasing confidence and more. If this sounds good to you, sign up for the monthly subscription today and you’ll soon be reaping all the aforementioned benefits.