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Programme Name Gym Equipment Required? Overview No. of Weeks No. of Days per week Appropriate For
General Preparation Programme Yes An all round, full body strength training programme for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 12 3
Some experience recommended or you can seek my feedback through video review.
Running Programme No A preparatory programme for all athletes and a great conditioning programme for those looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness. 12 2
All athletes, novice runners may take longer to progress between phases.
Advanced General Preparation Programme Yes For those who have completed the GPP, this progresses on from that with more complex movements. 9 2 Gym, 1 running
Experienced lifters
Breathe & Lift Yes A programme about building strength and incorporating breath training to further these improvements, increase mobility and decrease injury and pain likelihood. 16 2 Some experience recommended or you can seek my feedback through video review.
Bodyweight Home Programme No A very simple home routine for all to enjoy. 4 3 Everyone
Foundations Course No With just a resistance band, you can start your strength training journey in the comfort of your own home. 6 2
Beginners, post-partum (once medically cleared), young lifters

Why Choose TOP?

It’s my mission to deliver plans that are safe and effective for clients. Working up a sweat can be extremely easy (‘do 20 burpees right now’) but achieving this through pain-free sustainable programming takes a little more thought.

I also don’t want you to simply do exercise to burn calories: I want you to benefit enormously by feeling stronger, moving better, removing old aches, improving bone density, increasing confidence and more. If this sounds good to you, sign up for the monthly subscription today and you’ll soon be reaping all the aforementioned benefits.