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Lockdown 3.0 Membership – January 2021

Join us on Slack for weekly workouts and enjoy all the other benefits within than other members do too! Slack is a communication app that allows you to see messages, links and videos from me and others. It’s like a private forum that’s super easy to navigate.

This one off payment will cover your membership until gyms can re-open again in Ireland – feel free to join from anywhere in the world however! The workouts will require little to no equipment so you can adapt to whatever you have at home.

Once I see your payment come through, you’ll be added to the Slack group pronto and can get going as soon as you like. All of the workouts are of course optional so you can take everything at your own pace (including ramping it and doing a bit extra if the mood takes you).

If you have any questions you can message me on Instagram or e-mail fiona.mernagh@top-therapy.com.