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Stop Resting, Start Healing

I’m going to make this short. I’ve said it many times and in many ways before but I need to say it again because I see the same mistakes being made by athletes.


Would you recommend a weak person to rest so their muscle gets stronger? That’s ludicrous, right?

So why are you doing that when your muscle or ligament gets hurt, i.e. weaker? You need to stimulate the tissue to get strong again. Yes it should be PAIN-FREE but there are many ways to start off finding that pain-free range (isometric, concentric and eccentric movements).

And yes, you should avoid painful or aggravating activities but too often people avoid ALL activities.

And please stop foam rolling and stretching expecting that tendon or ligament to spontaneously feel strong again. Get training* and get back playing sooner.

*Training advice should come from an experienced professional for best results. In general though, if it hurts, stop doing it and find another thing that doesn’t hurt.

Don’t delay the process below by waiting around: resting doesn’t get you further than the 2nd row and despite a person’s best intentions with stretching and foam rolling, they often aren’t doing it the right way to achieve full range of motion in the relevant joints. 

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‘Resistance training is critical to the resolution of impairment and the recovery of function. Early in rehabilitation, resistance training is typically of lower intensity and often supervised by a physical therapist or athletic trainer in a clinical setting or in close tandem with strength and conditioning specialists.’

Kraemer, W., Denegar, C., & Flanagan, S. (2009). Recovery from injury in sport: considerations in the transition from medical care to performance care. Sports health1(5), 392-5.