Motor Moves – Long Drives Made Easier!

Don’t let stiffness get you in these long journeys home for Christmas. Here are some easily implemented (and safe) moves to do right in your driver’s seat. مواقع قمار


  1. Keep your neck mobile by checking your mirrors and blindsides often!
  2. Some shoulder shrugs can really help your traps from feeling heavy or sleepy.
  3. Simply changing the position of your hands on the wheel can apply a different force through your arms. موقع وليام هيل للمراهنات
  4. Some external and internal rotation of the shoulder shown with a bent elbow (for the one beside the window) and a straight elbow for your other arm – just mind any passengers. 😉
  5. Some knee lifts with associated ankle movements pointing the toes up and down (at traffic lights for example) can help the lower body stay awake (not shown – alternating butt squeezes may also help your glutes!).
  6. Lastly, simply turning the soles of your feet in and out will work right from your hips to your toes.

Perform a couple of reps as you like and when safe to do so!


  • Change the position of your seat regularly -up/down, forward/back, etc. – to give your body a slightly different position.
  • NB: Stay relaxed. Make sure your breathing is smooth, in and out through your nose if possible and you are avoiding antagonising thoughts.
  • Maintain contact with your headrest. Not only is this a better alignment for your whole spine, it will take strain off your neck musculature too. طريقة المراهنات في كرة القدم
  • Keep hydrated!
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