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Therapy for Optimal Performance is for those looking to improve their ability to perform day in, day out. Your performance is unique; whether it’s to be the best on the sporting field, be pain free or stay fit well into old age, TOP can develop the right plan for you.

I specialise in strength and conditioning and rehabilitation. As an international athlete with experience in world renowned gym Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, I have an avid interest in helping other athletes have long and fruitful careers. This includes injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance improvements.

I also have a keen interest in encouraging people of all ages to stay active and not let pain be a barrier to movement. I seek to resolve chronic pain in patients who require it and to provide complete rehabilitation programmes to prevent an injury from turning into something worse or a new problem later down the line. I do this using manual therapy techniques learnt in my current Physical Therapy degree course and advanced knowledge of how the human body works and moves.

I believe I have the tools to help anyone make it to the TOP of their chosen field.

Fiona Mernagh


083 1849894